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Jasmine smell wonderful and women often adorn their hair with it to not just look but also smell beautiful. But did you know it can enhance your beauty in several other ways Because of its antioxidants, jasmine can help protect from environmental stressors. This can help give a youthful appearance to your skin. Jasmine helps treat dry skin and provide natural moisture that won’t clog pores. We can’t deny the lovely scent that this flower has so adding it to skin care helps to nourish your skin. An amazing disinfectant as it carries an abundance of natural antiseptic properties. It’s a wonderful component for skincare products given its healing,
relaxing and glow-promoting benefits. This oil can aid the treatment of dry and irritated skin.
It’s especially great for those who suffer from eczema outbreaks. Slow the process of fine line development on the skin as the oil helps promote collagen production, which helps fill in the space created by wrinkles. Jasmine is known to have soothing properties that can help comfort irritated, itchy, and dry skin without causing unwanted breakouts. Jasmine helps to retain beautiful, balanced and glowing skin.

Weight 75 g

Nalpamaram is a group of four trees, ATHTHI (Indian Fig Tree (Gular) Fig), ETHI (Mesquite tree), ARAYAL (bodhi tree / ashwattha tree) and PERAL (Banyan Tree). It is widely used for many skin diseases, especially among children.It’s believed that Nalpamaram gives immunization power .


Bath in Nalpamaram Soap helps in Skin Protection because It has anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties.


Nalpamaram powder attains a light brownish red texture, mothers make use of this water for bathing as it would help to reduce pregnancy stretch marks. We use Nalpamaram powder as filler in our soaps


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