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Neela Amari or Neelayamari(Indigofera tinctoria) is native to South and SouthEast Asia. Neelayamari(നീലയമരി) is a woody shrub with a purple-blue colour flower. And the seeds of the herb is yellowish red. This is also known as Neela Amari, Indigo, Nil, Nili, Aviri etc.Neelayamari(നീലയമരി) is an oldest natural dye. The whole plant is dried and crushed in the form of powder.And this is used for dying purposes. This can be used in Ayurveda for many medicinal purposes.

Apply oil prepare with Neela with Neelamari or Neela amari on the head before your daily bath. It is an anti-graying agent, stops hair falling and fights dandruff.


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