Aranyakam Tooth Powder


Ingredients : Amla, Neemleeves, Nutmeg, dry ginger, black pepper, cloves, Long pepper, Cinnamon leaves, red soil and Menthol

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This tooth powder is very effective in removing tooth ache, gingivitis, staining, and also other dental disorders. Threrfore It support in remove of  pinworm infestation. Brush your teeth with mango leaf. It also will turn in to Navaratna states the famous old proverb. Mango Leaves abundant in Muthalamada. The ‘Mango City’ of Kerala, Karivelakam. Amla (nellikka or Indian gooseberry), Neemleeves, Nutmeg (Jaatipatri) dry ginger, black pepper, cloves (grampoo), Long pepper(Thippali), Cinnamon leaves (Ilavangam), red soil (red ochre) and Menthol etc. However are used to prepare this unique tooth powder.

However Take the required powder in your palm and make a paste adding water. Using your index finger, brush the teeth with the paste. Wash your mouth and brush the teeth vertically.

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